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"The Alien Code".


The story of The Alien Code is strongly interwoven with information that everybody can freely acces and download from the World Wide Web. For those who want to step in the footsteps of Ramon and want to do some personal research, they can use the links below this page as a guide. The list of websites is not complete, neither is it intended to be. It is possible that some of the links are disconnected for one reason or the other. Regularely, an update will be done to restore the connection or to find the changed locations.


A good advise!


Be interested and have an open minded, but don't believe just anything like that. Especially not the cult like  sites. Be objective, don't let it rule your live, even more when it is your profession.  Investigate anything and save what is worthwhile. And be aware not to fall in the trap of a wrong "Total Picture".