In the shadow of the Greys.


Old title: Aliens disclose contact and expose

the true nature of the Greys



Mathieu Hamaekers














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For the sake of humanity










































Ramon is sitting quietly in his computer room in front of the two computer screens, normally filled with magical 3D drawings. But now the situation is different. With hesitation, the first letters appear on the screen. In his mind, conflicting arguments cause hesitation.

Come on, Ramon, let’s do the job. There is only one way to know whether the information you had to cope with last year, has any significance. You have to write the damn book.

But, I don’t like to write. Give me a pencil or a 3D drawing program. But writing! Jesus, no! If anybody would have told me some months ago that I would write a book, I would have laughed in his face.

But you can’t refuse to write this book. Imagine that everything Teimon told is true. Imagine that it really is true.

Wrinkles of deep concern appear on his forehead. The consequences would be too severe to imagine.

On the other hand, if it is all just imagination, I will find out soon enough. It is not because the information can be true that it is also true.

Shit! Why is there always doubt? But what the heck! I doubt therefore I am. To be honest, I hope it is all just a strange twist of my own imagination. Misinterpretation of the circumstances. I prefer to be called a fool than to discover that all the information of Teimon’s SOS messages is true.

In his mind, Ramon remembers crystal clear how it all began.

No, no, I have to write it down. And I have to write precisely how the information was revealed. Otherwise I will not find the courage to put this strange story into words.

Again some words appear on the computer screen.

But… I have so much other things to do. I really don’t have the time.

Come on, Ramon. Don’t look for excuses. We went there time and again. You have to do it. Teimon’s message is too important.

Ok, ok. I give myself a year to do the job. That must be feasible. All the other projects I’m working on will have to wait.









Come on, Ramon. Stop your doubting mind. In the end, it will work out well. It always does.

But I don’t have all the information yet. There is a lot more to come. Ok, Teimon said that synchronicity will help me all the way. I can’t wait until I know the whole story.

Ramon feels he has to start writing now. He must not hesitate another day. The existence of “The Alien Code” has to be revealed.

Again some words appear on the screen but his mind is still not focused. Because he studied at the mystery school, he could deal with all the strange things that had happened in the last months. People having contact with or even abducted by aliens, telepathic contact with beings from other worlds, alien signals from space. These phenomena were as normal for Ramon as making coffee. But the timing was his main concern.

He looks at the pile of notes beside his keyboard.

Enough, Ramon! Please, don’t hesitate any longer. The book must be written. Before it is too late. Before somebody prevents it from being written. You have to take your responsibility. The dice are thrown…


Except for the sound of the keyboard, it is extremely silent in his WebCom, most of the time filled with drum ‘n’ base vibrations. Glad that he finally made a decision, Ramon starts to put the bizarre adventure into words, respecting the cry for help from his good friend Teimon.



















1899    Nicolas Tesla receives rhythmic signals from outer space on his home made radio wave receiver. His conclusion: they have to be signals of intelligent life elsewhere in the solar system.

1908    June 30th at 7:17 p.m. in the Tunguska region, a powerful explosion takes place with a force equivalent to 60 A-bombs. Probably caused by an unknown type of meteorite.

1909    A regiment of the US Cavalries hunts down a group of criminals in New Mexico. During this action, they discover a cave system, hiding metallic horseshoe shaped crafts. During this discovery they are confronted with small grey demons.

1915    The federal agency NACA is founded. Its task is to stimulate the aviation industry. In general the founders believe in the future of this industry. Meanwhile, the First World War rages in Europe.

1927    On July 5th, a group of scientists led by Johannes Winkler, establish the VfR, "Verein für Raumschiffahrt", Society for Space Travel. Two key members are Werner von Braun and Hermann Oberth.

1929    Hubble discovers that the universe is in constant expansion and is filled with billions of galaxies like our own Milky Way. Every galaxy contains hundreds of billions of star systems like our own solar system.

1930    One of the first modern, convincing UFO sightings is reported by Clyde Tombaugh, the astronomer who discovered Pluto. He saw six illuminated elliptic objects in the sky.

1930    On April 4th, the AIS, the “American Interplanetary Society” is established with the same goal as the VfR in Germany. To develop rocket technology and to promote and stimulate space exploration. Beside scientists, some members of the group were famous science fiction writers. In 1934, this society gets a new name. The “American Rocket Society”, ARS.

193?    A UFO crashes at an unknown spot on Earth, probably in the USA. The three cosmonauts are dead. This is the most secret crash in history. The bodies were probably kept hidden in one of the cellars of the Capitol in Washington D. C.

1933    In Great Britain, the BIS is established, the British Interplanetary Society. A lot of famous science fiction writers were members. For instance Arthur C. Clarke, writer of “2001 A









Space Odyssey”. In Russia the GRID foundation had the same interest as the VfR, the AIS and the BIS: building a rocket.

1933    In Germany, Adolph Hitler, leader of the Nazi party, comes in power. His logo is the well known Shiva swastika of the Hindu religion. Shiva is the deity or goddess of destruction. That’s why the rotation of the swastika is counter clockwise.

1938    On October 30th, a radio show called “The War of the Worlds” by Orson Wells, creates panic in several cities in America. Listeners think the show is for real.

1940    The beginning of the Second World War. Hitler manages with the help of the SS to kill millions of Jews in concentration camps, by exposing them to gas in big shower rooms, then burn the dead bodies and mix the ashes in the asphalt for roads. This most evil crime against humanity ever was possible by hiding everything in the utmost secrecy. Most German citizens were not aware of this most horrible conspiracy of the 20th century.

1942    Los Angeles experiences a frightening night a few weeks after Pearl Harbor, when an Unidentified Flying Object flies slowly over the city. Hundreds of anti-missile rockets are fired from the ground and from airplanes but the airship doesn’t suffer any damage and just follows its way.

1947    On July 8th, an Unidentified Flying Object crashes in the vicinity of Roswell, New Mexico. In the first press relays, the military spokesman admits that an alien spacecraft has crashed. But a day later, everything is denied. The free press is not allowed until the entire terrain is extensively cleaned by military personnel. Only the photographer “James Bond” is allowed to make some photos of the debris, found on the terrain.

1947    By signing the National Security Act on July 26th, eighteen days after the Roswell incident, the American president Truman founded the NSC, the National Security Council. The NSC founded in its turn the CIA, the Central Intelligence Agency.

1948    Project SIGN is started on January 2nd. Their first conclusion that some UFOs are of alien origin is rejected by the top of the military and project SIGN is aborted. Project GRUDGE takes over the task to investigate UFOs.










1952    The year with the most UFO sightings. In the USA alone some 30,000 witnesses declare to have seen UFOs.

1952    The most provoking sighting of a UFO happened in Washington D. C. above the Capitol. Some sources declare that president Truman ordered the military to shoot. The UFOs defended themselves.

1954    President Eisenhower has a secret meeting with EBE’s, Extra-Terrestrial Biological Entities. EBE is the new name for the grey demons in the beginning of the century.

1955    The U. S. Air Force present “Project Bluebook” to the press on October 14th. Astronomer Allen Hynek is a major player in this document about UFOs.

1957    On October 1st, President Eisenhower restructures the NACA and establishes NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). The NASA organization in its turn establishes an agency where Werner von Braun, an ex-NAZI, starts working to develop the Apollo rocket.

1957    Russia brings its first satellite into space: the Sputnik.

1961    On May 25th, President Kennedy makes his plans public to bring a man to the moon before 1970 and bring him safely back to Earth. The race to the moon between the USA and Russia has begun.

1963    On November 22nd, President Kennedy, the great visionary of the Apollo project, is killed in public. The whole world is in mourning.

1968    On April 6th is the premiere of the movie, “2001 A space Odyssey” by Stanley Kubrick, written by Arthur C. Clarke. In the movie Dr. Heywood R. Floyd explains in short the reason for secrecy because they have found proof of extra-terrestrial presence on the moon. He also explains the method to preserve secrecy until humanity is ready.

1969    Neil Armstrong is the first human being to put his foot on the moon on July 20th at 10.56 p. m. during the Apollo 11 mission. “A small step for man, a giant leap for mankind.” Apollo 12, 14, 15, 16, and 17 make the Apollo missions the greatest adventure of mankind.

1977    Two satellites, Voyager 1 and 2, start their great odyssey into the solar system. They will give humanity the first detailed pictures of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

1981    The Colombia, the first space shuttle, leaves Earth on April 12th. It is the first spaceship that can come back to Earth and land on its own.









1986    Space shuttle Challenger explodes a few minutes after take off on January 28th and seven astronauts die in this tragic event. One of them, Christa McAuliffe, was very famous and loved by the people.

2001    On May 9th, the Disclosure Project gives a press conference under the guidance of Steven Greer in the National Press Club in Washington D. C. A few dozen witnesses tell their story to the press. They declare that the UFO phenomenon is real and that they were confronted with these phenomena in their work environment. They all state that they want to repeat their testimony under oath for the National Congress.

2001    On September 9th, two Japanese tourists make a helicopter trip and shoot a video of a flying saucer appearing behind the World Trade Center in New York.

2001    In the morning of September 11th, the World Trade Center in New York is hit by two airplanes and a few hours later the towers collapse like a cardboard house. The legend of the tower of Babel in modern times. A few months later, the second part of the movie The Lord of the Rings goes in premiere. Name of this movie: The Two Towers.